New Release

New Release!

No. No. No. Olivia didn’t have one-night stands. But she could easily fix it, right? All she has to do is sneak out undetected and forget the whole thing ever happened. Wrong. Luck is not on her side, and she finds herself face-to-face with the handsome stranger a few days later.
Derrick can’t believe it when he wakes up alone after the best night of his life. He’s supposed to be the one to slip away in the middle of the night, not her. But Olivia wasn’t his typical pickup—she was different. Now she’s gone, and he has no idea if he’ll see her again. Lucky for him, she might be closer than he realizes.
Finding her is easy, convincing her that they should be a couple—not so much.
The Best Mistake is now available for purchase on Amazon and you can preorder on Kobo, iStore, and Barnes&Noble and it will be available to purchase tomorrow, 12/20.


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