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In the Arms of an Enemy releases 3/18.
Excerpt – Kendrick watched as Astrid’s chest heaved with anger. Her pouty, pink lips puckered and her green eyes dodged his. She ran a hand through her long brown hair, causing her natural vanilla scent to waft off of her. Beautiful. He took a step forward, his hand stretching out to push a wisp of hair from her face. Astrid swallowed and for a second, he thought she would lean into his touch, but instead she recoiled. He wished there was something he could do to get her to be a little less hostile toward him. To get her to trust him. Start by answering her question. “There was a small mishap at my vineyard, so I’ll be here until it is rectified,” he explained not giving her any specific time frame. Kendrick could understand her apprehensiveness; his brother had been cruel to her.
“Your vineyard? Or your family’s?” she asked with narrowed eyes.
He beamed. “Did I say it was my family’s? I’m sorry. It’s all mine. I like to delve into my own things from time-to-time. The pack and my family can be a little… restrictive.” He’d used his family’s money to purchase the vineyard and had gone to great lengths to cover the paper trail leading back to him. Regardless, the apartment in Tuscany was far enough away that if anyone suspicious showed up, he’d have enough time to escape before he was found.
Astrid scoffed, but her shoulders relaxed and she let out a long breath. “I see, well let’s hope the situation is rectified soon,” she replied as she tried to move around him.
“What about you? How long are you going to be here?” Kendrick asked smiling as he cut her off, causing her to glare at him haughtily.
Astrid tucked a strand of her straight brown hair behind her ear as her green met his. “I live here Kendrick. This is my home, and I plan to be here for a few more years. If you don’t mind, I would really like to live here in peace, and would prefer not to have any drama, or issues that your family and the pack might bring. Now if you’ll excuse me, it is getting late, and I have work in the morning.”
“I suppose I’ll see you tomorrow morning, Astrid,” he called after her, as she mumbled something he didn’t quite catch. What would he have to do to earn a few minutes of her time, without her ready to run away at the first sight of his face? He was willing to find out. Much to his chagrin, she turned around again and walked towards him with a purpose.
“Look Kendrick, your family has caused nothing but trouble for me; I don’t know what this is,” she said flailing her arms wildly as she motioned to him. “… But I would prefer if for the duration of your stay, you stayed away from me. I don’t care about your vineyards or anything you’re doing, just leave me alone,” she told him, her jaw set and her eyes blazing with anger.
“So you don’t want to come with me to the vineyard?” he asked mocking hurt as he held his hand close to his heart. “Because I could pick you up at three tomorrow.”
Her eyes narrowed at him. “Let me make this clear, I hate you and your family, and I want you to leave me alone,” she hissed in a low tone. “Stay away from me.” She turned on her heel again and stomped away.
“But I’m so much fun,” he called after her as he watched her stride angrily away from him. He took a step forward, wanting to chase after her, wanting to take her in his arms—in his bed. But he couldn’t. It was the domineering attitude that had chased Astrid away from Killian. If he were going to have a taste of the beautiful wolf, then he’d have to earn Astrid’s heart first. He could already tell by the blush of her cheeks and the scent of her arousal her wolf was interested. But after Killian, he doubted she would follow her primal instincts again. Astrid Mason would be a challenge.
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