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Werewolves and Greek Mythology

In Greek Mythology, an Arcadian King Lycaon wanted to see if Zeus was all knowing. To test him Lycaon fed the God the dismembered corps of his son. Zeus was angered by his treachery and killed all 50 of Lycaon’s children with lightening bolts. Lycaon was turned into a werewolf as punishment, and his son that he’d slaugtered was brought back to life.

Fun Werewolf Facts: (Facts depend on the origination of the myth.)

  • Silver bullets are fatal
  • They can only change into a werewolf during a full moon
  • Werewolves are angered easily, especially as the full moon approaches
  • Wolves mate for life
  • You become a werewolf if you are bitten by a wolf


Red Wolves are in Critical Danger 


Even though red wolves are among the world’s most endangered species, they’re classified by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as “Critically Endangered,” USFWS is poised to terminate the recovery program, inevitably rendering the species extinct in the wild.

Continued support of the Recovery Program in North Carolina is vital to the long-term prospects of the species. USFWS Director Ashe’s stated in his op-ed ( ) that the agency is committed to use scarce resources for species facing the greatest risk of extinction. Thus, it’s our understanding the USFWS MUST adhere to the Endangered Species Act by strengthening its efforts to mitigate threats to red wolves — not push them closer to extinction.

Please urge USFWS to save critically endangered red wolves from extinction. Take action here – via  Endangered Species Coalition

Courtesy of The Wolf Conservation Center. To learn more, follow them on Facebook here.

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Devon Harris will do anything to protect his younger sister from becoming a breeder, even leave the pack. He and his younger siblings seek refuge at his Uncle Rick’s ranch. There he meets the fiery human Lark. War is on the horizon, and Lark is a temptation Devon can’t resist. Can Devon protect his family and keep her safe?

Lark Davies is the sole guardian of her younger sister, and the owner of The Cookie Jar. When she’s not working, she spends her free with the Harris family. She knows they are werewolves, but it doesn’t matter. They are her family. When Devon Harris shows up at the ranch, Lark finds herself instantly drawn to him.

Enemy wolves attack the ranch, and Lark and Devon find themselves working together to save the people they love most. Lark has known werewolves existed for some time, but she never knew how dangerous they could be.

Available for only .99 cents

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11 thoughts on “Howling Good Hop

  1. I love how you and other authors post information about endangered wolves. Knowledge is everything cuz if you guys didn’t have that on your blog I wouldn’t even know about it and how to help. I look forward to reading your books!


  2. Love the Greek werewolf story ! And I signed the letter about the Red Wolves , so horrible do they want to get down to one male wolf with armed guards like they have for the last male White Rhino ? Very sad


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