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Devon Harris will do anything to protect his younger sister from becoming a breeder, even leave the pack. He and his younger siblings seek refuge at his Uncle Rick’s ranch. There he meets the fiery human Lark. War is on the horizon, and Lark is a temptation Devon can’t resist. Can Devon protect his family and keep her safe?

Lark Davies is the sole guardian of her younger sister, and the owner of The Cookie Jar. When she’s not working, she spends her free with the Harris family. She knows they are werewolves, but it doesn’t matter. They are her family. When Devon Harris shows up at the ranch, Lark finds herself instantly drawn to him.
Enemy wolves attack the ranch, and Lark and Devon find themselves working together to save the people they love most. Lark has known werewolves existed for some time, but she never knew how dangerous they could be.

Out of the Shadows is available on Amazon Nook iBooks Kobo

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FREE New Release!

Free New Release!

Audrey can’t help the fact that she turns into a blubbering fool when she’s around cute guys. She just prays her mouth has a filter, one that doesn’t embarrass her.
Thomas Monroe is drawn to Audrey the moment he lays eyes on her. He’s thrilled when he asks her out and she accepts. There’s just one problem with dating a girl like Audrey. He’s got a secret, a big, furry leopard one.
This 12,000 word story is a standalone with NO cliffhanger.


Skipping Stones Book 1 Release Blitz


Title: Emily
Series: Skipping Stones: Book 1
Author: Jasmine Lee
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic
Release Date: June 9, 2015
Cover Design: Sheri McGathy

Photographer: Tabitha Patterson


 I thought I was in love, I thought I was happy, I thought everything was perfect.

But then I found out my husband of six years was having an affair. I knew it had to be a dream, but it wasn’t. So now I’m left at square one, only now I’m a single mom also.

Dating isn’t easy but its especially not easy for a single mom of twin boys, with a soon to be ex-husband who’s still around. I mean what else could happen?

Throw in a hot prison guard and my ex-husband the mechanic and you have a whole mess of problems, and its only Monday!

What am I’m supposed to do?

**Will be a 2 book series.**


Unexpected (Skipping Stones: Book 2)
Release Date: TBD
In Emily you got part of my story. But now in Unexpected you get the rest of it.

True, it doesn’t go the way I planned and I don’t end up with man I had planned on. But then again, that’s why they say to ‘expect the unexpected.’

Blurb will be updated as the story progress’

Emily (Skipping Stones: Book 1)
“Where you at?” I hear her holler from the living

“Bathroom…Give me a minute and I’ll be out,” I holler
back as I finish buttoning my jeans, I brush my teeth before opening the door
and heading down the hallway only to stop dead in my tracks at the sight before
my eyes. Tina is half standing, half squatting over my couch and has a look of
pain on her face.

The. Hell?

I stand patiently and tilting my head to the side I
silently watch as she looks like she is having an argument with herself before
she finally sits down only to hiss as she squeezes her eyes tightly shut.

“Do I even want to know what’s going on with you?” I
say, as I stay standing in the entrance of the living room.

“Oh girl it was horrible just fucking wrong on so many
levels I don’t…I don’t even know where to begin,” she says as she shakes her

“How bout the beginning or at least I would think that
would be a good place to begin,” I make my way over to the couch and sit down
beside her.

“Ugh…well last night after you bailed on me I ran into
Justin. You remember him?”

“Not really. Should I?”

“He went to school with us, last name Martin.”

“Oh yeah…I vaguely remember him.”

“Well we ended up leaving the club to go get something
to eat,” when I nod she continues, “Well everything went well, really well
actually. We ended up back at his place and ya know,” She shakes her head side
to side as she frowns, “We were in the bedroom and he was behind me and well…,”

I lean forward and move my head slightly from side to
side, “Well, what?”

“You’re gonna laugh I know you are,” she says as she

“I promise not to laugh.”

“Uh-huh…we’ll see. You know how sometimes I use anal

“Yeah…why?” Not so sure I want to know anymore.

About The Author:
Hey everyone, (Waves)

Well lets see, I could tell ya a grand story full of A-list celebrities but lets face it, that only happens in books. I’m married and have two kiddos a son who is a avid baseball player and a daughter who is very passionate about horses. I was born and raised in a small country town in Deep East Texas. Not playing the POP is like 300 people!! I love writing/reading and taking pictures. All 3 have been long time hobbies of mine.



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Ella’s Love

Models: Donna Kitchens and TJ

What readers are saying‬:
“It will have you laughing and crying throughout the story.”
“Unconditional love…True meaning of soul mates.”
“Emotional love story…a true love that never dies!”
“One love that will make you realize how precious life is”
“A touching emotional story of love and hope.”
“I have to say that this is one of the best love stories of this year.”
“Please read their story and their tribal and tribulations to get the prefect love story.”
“When I started reading this book I thought it was a cute little love story. I was wrong.”

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