Out of the Shadows is 2!

Two years ago today, I made a leap of faith, followed my dreams and published my first novel, Out of the Shadows.
Today you can pick up Out of the Shadows at it’s new price, ‪#‎FREE‬.
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Cover Reveal!

release 3

Rescued by the Bear is releasing Sept 8th.

Special sneak peak – Daisy cleared her throat and shifted under the blankets. “I feel great actually. Whatever was in that tea sure did work.”
“I’m glad you’re better,” he said as he stretched, reaching his hands high above his head.
“What about you? That sofa looks awfully tiny,” she commented.
Chad stood and worked out the kinks by twisting. “I’m okay.”
“Liar,” she whispered. She tossed the covers back and swung her legs over the edge of the bed. The action should have caused pain, but she felt nothing at all. There was no way her ribs were healed it’d been less than twenty-four hours. Again, why was she questioning her good fortune? Maybe they’d just been bruised. “There is plenty of room for two in here.” She tapped the twin mattress. Sure it’d be a little snug, but they could manage. Surely it’d be better than the couch. And honestly, she didn’t mind sharing.
“Daisy…” he trailed off.
“We’re both adults… and friends,” she told, her voice growing huskier with each word. She sounded like a seductress. Wouldn’t that be nice? She smiled inwardly at the thought. Maybe she could finally find out if Chad felt the same way about her.

release 1

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Cover Reveal and Giveaway

Mark your calendars! Alpha Shifter Seductions is coming September 29th.
alpha shifer seductions box set

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Find out what pleasures these Alphas can offer when the temperatures shift!
Hunter Excerpt

Here’s a special sneak peek at my story, Claiming His Mate.

Lexi froze, her head snapping up. She’d recognize that voice anywhere. Her pulse roared in her ears as she came face to face with the one man she’d thought she’d never see again. Questions swirled through her head as fear and anger slowly crept in. What is he doing here?
Her eyes flicked to his cousin who was leaning against a familiar red pickup truck. She closed her eyes and counted backwards from ten. This had to be a bad dream. He wasn’t here. He couldn’t be.
“Hi,” Erik said breaking the silence.
Pursing her lips, she opened her eyes and found her voice. “I didn’t think I’d ever see you again,” she said in a clipped tone as she continued toward her car. Maybe if she ignored him, he would go away and she could pretend she’d never seen him.
Why is he back? Things were working just fine without him.
“Erik, we really need to get going,” Adam called out.
“Go ahead without me. I’ll get back on my own,” Erik said as he continued to follow her.
His sneakers thudded against the cement as he followed her. “I think you should go with him,” Lexi commented as she reached her car and jammed her key into the lock.
“Just give me a minute, please,” Erik pleaded.
His fingers wrapped around her wrist as she went to open the door. She fought the urge to melt into him and forget the past three years. Even after everything, his callused fingers sent warmth flooding through her body, awakening a part of her she’d kept buried since he’d left. No. Don’t you dare fall for him after what he did. Lexi snatched her hand away and mustered up her deadliest glare.

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Meet Rhea


Rhea & Mason are coming in just 2 Days!!!
No need for a passport or a bathing suit. Simply relax and enjoy an adventure in paradise. Listen to the sound of ocean waves and step into the scenes,putting your toes in the sand & surf…

MIDNIGHT RUN – Live 8/18/15
Wayward Wolves Series – Author Bethany Shaw
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Meet Rhea: http://ow.ly/3y7kJG

Imagine the sand beneath your toes as you Read…


👀 Sneak Peek Saturday 👀

Enjoy the Newest Addition to the Wayward Wolves Series.
Get ready to 1-CLICK
MIDNIGHT RUN on 8/18/15

~☆A man jogged a few hundred yards behind her. A ball cap shrouded the man’s face in darkness. He wore a black tee and black pants further adding to her discomfort.  Chills zipped down her spine. Even though she was a werewolf, capable of defending herself, she was still a woman alone at night.
Why was he wearing all black? I thought you were supposed to wear bright clothes at night. Or is that just to keep you from getting hit by a car? She glanced up to the road that ran alongside the beach. Empty. Not a car or soul in sight. Perfect.
Rhea licked her dry lips and pushed her legs to move a little faster. Too bad she wasn’t in her wolf form. She could outrun the man in a heartbeat. As a human, she was fast, but not as quick as she’d like. Maybe he’ll go away. I’m sure he doesn’t want any trouble.
She peeked back over her shoulder. Crap. He’s gaining on me. What if he’s a werewolf too? Oh God. What if the pack found me? No.
Her calves burned as she pushed herself to run impossibly faster. She gritted her teeth together. I’m not going back. ☆~Rhea
Author Bethany Shaw