Cover Reveal!

release 3

Rescued by the Bear is releasing Sept 8th.

Special sneak peak – Daisy cleared her throat and shifted under the blankets. “I feel great actually. Whatever was in that tea sure did work.”
“I’m glad you’re better,” he said as he stretched, reaching his hands high above his head.
“What about you? That sofa looks awfully tiny,” she commented.
Chad stood and worked out the kinks by twisting. “I’m okay.”
“Liar,” she whispered. She tossed the covers back and swung her legs over the edge of the bed. The action should have caused pain, but she felt nothing at all. There was no way her ribs were healed it’d been less than twenty-four hours. Again, why was she questioning her good fortune? Maybe they’d just been bruised. “There is plenty of room for two in here.” She tapped the twin mattress. Sure it’d be a little snug, but they could manage. Surely it’d be better than the couch. And honestly, she didn’t mind sharing.
“Daisy…” he trailed off.
“We’re both adults… and friends,” she told, her voice growing huskier with each word. She sounded like a seductress. Wouldn’t that be nice? She smiled inwardly at the thought. Maybe she could finally find out if Chad felt the same way about her.

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